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Photo by BD; kites by Adam Weinstein
I’m so grateful for other creative opportunities that exist in the world.  A crafty site, called Onceupon houses flash stories, narrative poems and other ditties for the sole purpose of the user to encounter stories in his or her travels around the globe.  The trick: you have to be in that location for the story pop on your phone, tablet or laptop.  How cool is that!  You can find my work there, but I’m not telling where.


Photo by BD
When I first ventured into letterpress printing, I collaborated with Aurelio Madrid, a multi-medium extraordinaire with philosophical pursuits.  He cut the Colt 45 linoleum block for this broadside.  Apologies–this broadside is out in the universe.


In my time at the Community College of Denver,  I have had the pleasure of co-writing several essays with my colleague, John O’Leary, about our experiences teaching a co-taught, learning community class (composition paired with literature). Much props goes to Lisa Silverstein (getting her Ph. D. at UC-Denver) and her leadership for cultivating learning communities.  Beyond the the essays, amazing connections with students and faculty, the wild ride has resulted in several presentations at conferences.  See and reap below!

Linkedin Profile

Faculty Voices for CCCS — Published by the community college system in Colorado, it honors faculty with their reflections on the developmental education redesign process.

COADE 2014 — Colleagial Learning Walks with Brenda Garrison.

COADE 2013 — Theater games in practice part II.

NADE 2013 –Theater games in practice part I.

Faststart Reflections



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