Hi!  Welcome!

“A vision for your life is a work of art.”

                 –Charles Simic, from his book, Dime-Store Alchemy: The Art of Joseph Conrad.

This vision has led me to creativity.  How do I infuse creativity into as many moments as possible in a day?  So it goes into cooking, gardening, writing, letterpress printing, worm growing, riding a bike, relationships, and, of course, teaching.  Let’s just say the canvas is endless.

I live in Denver with my partner, Sarah, among joy everyday.


I’m a writer, teacher, creator, sports fan, and all around collaborator that believes in the power of creativity in all aspects of our lives.  Just this moment:


Creativity = attention.  Welcome to this moment. Explore!
Below are some favs around the web.

Visceral Realist – My writing group’s website. Check us out!

Wolverine Farm Publishing – Love their vision and publications.

Hybrid Pedagogy — Articles on higher ed and other interests.  Get hybridized.

Chronicle of Higher Ed — More higher ed.

538 – Nate Silver and his team bring their analytical minds to a variety of topics.

Full Frontal – Samantha Bee is bee-real.

New Yorker — Just fabulous.

Last Week Tonight –– God save the queen.

Tattered Cover — Support your local bookstore Coloradans.

Englewood Depot — Living letterpress museum.  It is under construction, but join and reap the benefits.

Lighthouse Writers — From their homepage: beaming metaphorical light since 1997.

Colorado Poets Society — Connect around the front range!